Guarding Services

At Dar SAS Security Services in Saudi Arabia, we are deeply committed to creating a secure environment for our clients.

We offer a tailored range of guarding services to address diverse security challenges.

Our comprehensive solutions include foot and mobile patrols, access control, CCTV monitoring, incident handling, and rapid emergency response. Our guarding services are completely digitized allowing for accountability and real-time monitoring of security operations.

Our security team undergoes rigorous selection and training to provide top-notch service.

We prioritize safeguarding our clients’ premises and assets while seamlessly integrating them into their daily operations.

Through ongoing risk assessments, continual guard training, and strict security protocols, Dar SAS sets the standard for safety and protection excellence in the security sector.


Our services include providing a comprehensive suite of security guard services to meet the client’s specific needs and safety requirements, which include
Foot and mobile

Foot and mobile patrols for surveillance, patrolling, and securing facilities and private properties

Visitor verification

Visitor identification and registration procedures, visitor and individual property security, and luggage inspection and surveillance.

Investigation procedures

Investigation procedures to identify and find solutions to internal security breaches and problem-solving.


Supervision, monitoring, and response to the needs of visitors and clients.


Monitoring and control of entry procedures and access to sensitive areas, securing sites, and controlling them.

Control of visitor

Monitoring and control of visitor entry to residential complexes while respecting local customs and traditions.

Key Benefits

Peace of Mind

Having security guards on-site provides peace of mind for property owners, business owners, and event organizers, knowing that their assets and premises are being protected by trained professionals.


Hiring security guarding services can be more cost-effective than trying to establish and maintain an in-house security team, as it eliminates the need for recruitment, training, and ongoing management of personnel.

Deterrence of Criminal Activity

Visible security guards act as a deterrent to potential criminals. The presence of trained security personnel can discourage trespassing, theft, vandalism, and other criminal activities.

Immediate Response

Security guards are trained to respond quickly to security threats and emergencies. Their presence ensures that any security incidents can be addressed promptly, reducing the potential for damage or harm.

Enhanced Safety

Security guards can help maintain a safe and secure environment for employees, visitors, and customers. They can assist with emergencies, such as fires, medical incidents, or evacuations.

Access Control

Security guards can control access to restricted areas, ensuring that only authorized individuals are allowed entry. This helps prevent unauthorized access and protects sensitive information or assets.

Surveillance and Monitoring

Security guards can monitor CCTV cameras and surveillance systems, ensuring that any suspicious activities are detected and reported promptly.

24/7 Availability

Security services can be provided around the clock, ensuring continuous protection for clients who may require security at all hours.

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